Watch Courtney Stodden Give the Most Unusual Presidential Endorsement You’ve Ever Seen

Is this strangely sexy or just plain strange? We honestly can’t tell.

Presidential endorsements, the fixture of every U.S. election cycle, are inherently dumb. Sure, it matters when state and federal lawmakers throw their political support behind a politician; they actually have some sway in the states that will help but their candidate in the White House. But other endorsements, mainly those of celebrities and musicians and movie stars and whatnot, don’t really mean shit.

And why would they? Most celebrities — with the exception of Leonardo DiCaprio or Angelina Jolie’s heroic philanthropic work, to name a few rare examples — aren’t well versed in the issues that actually matter to the average voter. Remember Kanye’s ridiculous, grossly inarticulate Vote or Die campaign that was basically just shouting at people to, uh, vote or die? Yeah, none of that.

For some reason, Courtney Stodden didn’t seem to get the message that nobody cares what she thinks about the election and managed to drop a saucy (and incredibly strange) endorsement of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders on Instagram as voters headed to the polls for the latest round of primaries.

Me & Mr. Sanders have a thing going on… 😏 #MrPresident #TalkBernieToMe #CrushingHard #BernieSanders 💯🍾

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We’re sitting down, but we’re definitely giving Stodden a standing ovation for her, uh, patriotism and, er, devotion to her civic duty. Actually, we have no idea what to think — we’re just glad she didn’t start talking about Iran or job creation.