Hugh Hefner's 31-Year-Old Widow Wasn't In His Will, But She Still Stands to Inherit $5 Million and a Hollywood Mansion

It's all thanks to a prenup.
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Crystal Harris Hefner won't be willed any of her late husband's estimated $45 million fortune, but don't shed a tear for her just yet.

Thanks to an airtight prenuptial agreement the 31-year-old former Playmate signed before getting hitched with Hugh back in 2011, she's still swimming in plenty of cash. 

TMZ has further details: 

...Sources familiar with Hef's estate plan tell us he left Crystal $5 million. Based on what we know, the deal is part of a prenup Hef and Crystal signed before they got hitched in 2012.  

In addition to that giant chunk of change, she's also getting a cozy Hollywood home outfitted with 4 bedrooms, 5 baths and an infinity pool. 

TMZ obtained the deed to a Hollywood Hills home that is held in trust ... a trust controlled by Crystal Harris. Hef bought the 5,900 square foot house for her back in 2013.  

As for the rest of the Hef's fortune, a source to Us Weekly in 2013 that it will be endowed to "his children, the University of Southern California film school and a variety of charities."

Props to Crystal for being a "pillar of strength" through the legendary ladies' man through his final days, despite the fact that many have called the much-younger bride a "gold digger."

Here, enjoy what Hef enjoyed in his final years.

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