Watch the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Celebrate Win Streak With the Mannequin Challenge

Nailed it.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders [Getty/Wesley Hitt]

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders [Getty/Wesley Hitt]
[Photo: Getty/Wesley Hitt] 

After emerging victorious from Sunday night’s game against the Baltimore Ravens, the Dallas Cowboys now boast the longest win streak in franchise history. To celebrate that feat, their gorgeous Cowboys cheer squad posted one of the best mannequin challenge videos we’ve seen.

With that near-perfect freeze, It’s definitely a contender for the most impressive mannequin challenge attempt. But it’s hard to pick just one winner. Both the New Orleans Saints and UFC Octagon girls have skillfully made their own sexy renditions of the viral internet craze. 

Additionally, the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders have put up a pretty solid try.

And so has the Golden State Warriors cheer squad.

We can’t decide, so let’s just say they’re all awesome. And as strange as it might seem to get a room full of people to freeze simultaneously so it can be filmed and shared on social media (us humans are an odd bunch), we can definitely agree that it’s not nearly as weird as this whacked-out Dallas Cowboys breakfast ritual.

Take it easy with the cereal, Zeke. 

h/t: 247 Sports