Go Around the World With Blonde Beauty Daniella Grace

This globetrotting treasure wants to open your eyes.
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Daniella Grace gives new meaning to the term "sightseeing."

When she's not galavanting with her fellow Wilhelmina models or appearing in movies like Sand Castles and the forthcoming The Nice Guys, the Lake Tahoe native spends her time doing what everyone dreams of: traveling the world. 

Grace documents her trips to places like Vienna, Budapest, and Italy's gorgeous Amalfi coast on her vivid travel blog — accompanied by some gorgeous snapshots, of course. The modeling, she insists, is just to keep her on the road. "It's been good support, because [at first] there's not a lot of money in acting," she told Esquire in 2014.

We wish we could run away and spend our days globetrotting with his blonde beauty, but there's a big difference between our office-bound daydreams and Grace's travels: She always, and we mean always, looks good on the road.

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