Demi Lovato Calls Out Fan Artist For Unrealistic Mermaid Portrait

Being half sea creature wasn't the unrealistic part.
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Demi Lovato is one public figure who never shies away from discussing the female body, or even her own eating disorder. That's why the latest shaming stir, involving a pencil drawn image of the young pop star, is causing such controversy all over the internet.

Seventeen-year-old Vladimir Serbanescu threw up an, albeit, extremely well-drawn photo of Lovato, sporting a mermaid tail inspired by her "Body Say" cover art. And while she did express how "gorgeous" the photo looked, she wasn't too pleased with how her body was represented in the artwork.

"Is that how my boobs should look? It's gorgeous but that's not my body," Lovato commented. 

Following the note, Serbanescu also took to Instagram, stating that he was only drawing from the 24-year old as a muse, intertwining her features with that of a mythological sea creature. 

To no one's surprise, Twitter trolls found this as an appropriate time to attack Lovato, taking the original image and blowing it out of proportion, literally, in retaliation for the "Confident" singer's comment. 

Like any popular musician with a band of loyal followers, the "Lovatics" quickly swooped to her rescue, saying her treatment was unfair considering Lovato is extremely open about body positivity.

What this has really taught us is—whether she's a certified platinum singer/songwriter or a scaly woman of the sea—we're Demi fans all the way. 

h/t BuzzFeed