Watch Demi Lovato Reveal Her Favorite Nicknames for 'A Woman's Private Parts'

Just in case you were wondering...

On The Ellen Degeneres Show, pop vixen Demi Lovato broke the news that Camp Rock, the cheery, family-friendly Disney Channel musical in which she starred alongside the Jonas Brothers, will get an R-rated sequel.

"We want to come out with an R-rated Camp Rock 3," she revealed. "All of our fans are now grown up." 

The announcement prompted Ellen to subject Demi to her usually PG-rated "5 Seconds Rule" game, but with a decidedly more risque' twist.

Per the rules of the game, celebrity contestants name three things about the designated category within five seconds. This time, the categories included "favorite curse words" and "nicknames for a woman's private parts."

"Coochie, box, Becky," Lovato blurts in the video above, referring to her favorite terms of endearment for her lady parts. Hmmm, who knew? 

We've certainly seen R-rated behavior from the pop singer before, typically on her very adult Instagram account. See some of her sexiest shots, below.