Demi Lovato Set a Sexy Thirst Trap for Henry Cavill On Instagram, And It Totally Worked

Can you really blame him?


Demi Lovato just gave a master class in the art of Instagram seduction, planting a lethal and totally effective thirst trap for Man of Steel star Henry Cavill.

Sometime this past week, Lovato clearly began lusting after the Superman actor. Perhaps it’s because they both practice jujitsu, or maybe she’s just looking for some new brawn after splitting with UFC stud Luke Rockhold.

The “Sorry Not Sorry” singer was caught by eagle-eyed Instagram users following Cavill on the social media platform, then posting a very sexy shot of herself, and then liking two of Cavill’s photos practicing jujitsu. 

This could not have been a coincidence. This is what zeroing in a target looks like.

He took the bait. Shortly thereafter, Cavill followed Lovato back. Surely he noticed the hot shot, but he played it (somewhat) cool, liking one Lovato’s jujitsu posts and writing, “This is awesome! Nice one Miss Lovato! 👍”

Damn. So that’s how it’s done?

After the Internet caught on to Lovato’s thirst trap prowess, she was widely praised for her brilliant strategizing. A lot of people were thrilled to see the lady making the first move.

We are eagerly anticipating TMZ to report that Demi Lovato and Henry Cavill were spotted having an “intimate dinner” at Nobu soon. 

But it makes us wonder… for whom was she laying the rest of these thirst traps?

And all those videos…

h/t HuffPost