Kylie Jenner Rival Demi Rose Fires Back With Smoldering Instagram Snaps

Tyga’s bombshell ex just dropped some ferociously sexy new photos.

When rapper Tyga took a brief hiatus from his relationship with Kylie Jenner, he reportedly had a dalliance with curvaceous model Demi Rose.

Now that Tyga and Kylie are back on and currently jetting off to Europe for a plush couple’s getaway, it seems Demi has thrown down the gauntlet on Instagram.

In the past 48 hours, the 21-year-old British bombshell has posted a sum total of six (6!) astounding, cleavage-baring ‘grams, hitting Tyga where it hurts and even beating Kylie at her own game–which is saying a lot.

We realize not everything should be a competition, but Demi is definitely winning at something here.

May all lover’s spats will be settled through selfies.

h/t Daily Mail