If You Compliment Derek Jeter’s Hot Wife Hannah Davis, He Might Buy You Dinner

Just don’t be creepy about it.

#71 Hannah Davis - Hannah Davis has appeared in places like the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and Victoria's Secret Catalogue, making quite a name for herself in the modeling world.
Hannah Davis Jeter

You’d think a hyper-competitive baseball legend like retired Yankee Derek Jeter might be the kind of guy who doesn’t take well to others scoping out his gorgeous wife, model and March 2016 Maxim cover girl Hannah Davis. Apparently, the exact opposite is true. 

Page Six reported Tuesday that Jeter and Davis were having dinner New Year’s Eve at a Florida steak house when a fan complimented Davis’s beauty. Jeter reportedly responded that his wife was “the most beautiful in the world” and “the best decision I ever made” then paid the guy’s tab for the night.

That’s what we call good sportsmanship.

Some reminders as to what the Jeter-Davis fan was talking about below.