This Model Got Body Shamed for Sexy Bikini Shots, Kept Posting Her ‘Chubby Ass’ on Instagram Anyway

Don’t mess with Diana Veras.

It’s an all too familiar scenario: you’re just a young, hot bikini model posting sexy shots to Instagram when, out of the blue, a “body shamer” crops up in the comment section to call you fat. 

That is exactly what happened to model Diana Veras. When she posted on Instagram flaunting what she’s got in a pink checkered bikini, with the caption “Summer is here and I look great bitch,” one troll chimed in with a curt “you’re fat.”

Instead of letting it get her down, what she did next was extraordinary: she kept posting more bikini photos.

She posted more to Twitter with the caption “Here’s more of my lil chubby ass in a bathing suit since it offends men so much.”

Then, she took to Instagram to thank the fans who stuck by her, with yet another bikini shot.

“U guys r so sweet n supportive nd I’m so thankful that y’all drag any trolls that try 2 make me feel bad ab myself, so thank u. Love u all thanks for the constant support,” she wrote, taking the high road.

This has been How to Shut Down a Shamer 101.