Did Vladimir Putin Have An Affair with This Hot Olympic Gymnast?

Crimea might not be the only thing the Russian president has invaded.

A Kremlin official confirmed this week that the divorce between Russian president Vladimir Putin and his wife of 30 years has been finalized.

The 61-year-old smile-hater admitted last year that he and his long-suffering spouse Lyudmila Putin had separated, but the announcement of his divorce has refueled rumors that the “Bane of Ukraine” was secretly seeing Russian gymnast AlinaKabaeva.

Read on for the official Maxim dossier on the 30-year-old backscale pivot specialist Kabaeva (and we can neither confirm nor deny that the CIA was involved in gathering this intelligence)…  

Photo: ITAR-TASS / Reuters / Corbis

They’ve got history:

Putin has been denying rumors of a secret relationship with the gold medal winner going as far back as 2008 (all while giving exaggerated winks and a “thumbs up” sign while “condemning” the gossip).

The Prez aint the only cheater in the equation:

Kabaeva, and a teammate, were stripped of their medals at the 2001 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship, after testing positive for a banned diuretic. (It was furosemide, for illegal dopers keeping score at home.)

She can act…kinda:

Kabaeva had a cameo in the 2001 Japanese movie Red Shadow playing…wait for it…a gymnast! (Not much of a stretch for someone who, you know, stretches for a living.)

She’s (literally) smokin’:

Kabaeva’s selection as one of the six Russian athlete torch-bearers at Sochi was the first hint that the Olympic flame wasn’t the only thing getting reignited.

This isn’t true, but we wish it were:

In private, Kavaeva refers to Putin as “Vlad The Impaler.”

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