Donna Feldman

We’re pretty sure she’s the only one allowed to mess with the Zohan.

Donna Feldman (no relation to Corey…we think) has lorded over the small screen, opening briefcases on Deal or No Deal and biting Enrique Iglesias in his “Tired of Being Sorry” video. This month she rocks the big screen in Adam Sandler’s You Don’t Mess With the Zohan, about an Israeli soldier who becomes a New York City hairdresser (we’ll let you decide if hilarity ensues). Some of her other big firsts:

First Impression of Adam Sandler
Adam is the most non-Hollywood person I’ve met. He had me laughing all day long. There’s one scene where he’s barbecuing and wearing tiny boy shorts. The outfit alone cracks me up.

First Breakup
It was traumatic. I found out the guy was a pathological liar. He was an illegal alien from Peru, but he made up a bullshit story that he was related to royalty. You’ve never heard such crazy stories. Bad news!

First Job
I sold suits in a men’s clothing store. I learned so much about men I could write a book on pickup lines. One guy got right up in my face like he was going to kiss me and said, “Are you as ridiculously attracted to me as I am to you?” I was like, “Are you kidding?” He was so cocky it was hilarious. Another guy said, “You look like my future ex-wife.” Just so stupid. If a guy really wants to get my attention, he should make fun of me, because then I’ll think of him as a funny friend and not some cheeseball.

First Celebrity Run-in
I grew up in L.A., and instead of going to parties after our high school football games, we’d go to Hollywood bars. I was at a sushi place, and Jerry O’Connell hit on me. He didn’t realize I was still in high school, and I never said anything. I’ve always looked older because I’m tall with curves. We all hung out and laughed, but he never did get my number.

First Pet
A turtle named Dribble. They say turtles are very slow, but he’d swim in our pool and climb stairs. One day he ran away and never came back.