Dump Her for Me!

Keep your eye on this bubbly Jersey girl.

She’s flexible!
“I am very drawn to personality. When it comes to looks, a ‘not so appealing’ person can be extremely attractive to me.”

She speaks the truth!
“I’ve only skinny-dipped with a bunch of girls. I’m only into guys, but let’s face it, a girl’s body is so much sexier than a guy’s.”

She’s very neat!
“I don’t like throwing parties at my own house. I’d rather mess up somebody else’s.”

She’s combat-ready!
“Once I got in a fight with this girl. I had three beer bottles in my purse, and I whacked her and they broke all over her face.”

She knows her strengths!
“I look sexiest right out of bed in a pair of booty shorts, frying up some bacon and eggs for my man.”

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