Ecstasy? Lesbians? Melissa Joan Hart’s Maxim Shoot Was Steamier Than We Knew!

Looks like Clarissa wasn’t explaining all of it, after all…

Remember when Melissa Joan Hart, AKA Clarissa, AKA Sabrina the teenage witch, AKA every young guy’s crush growing up, posed for the cover of Maxim’s October 1999 issue? Ah, good times. Well, as it turns out, even better times than we thought: Melissa recently revealed to Life & Stylethat she came directly to her shoot from a party at the Playboy mansion, where she took Ecstasy and made out with another girl in the limo ride home.

…Excuse us while we go and take a series of very cold showers.

Okay, we’re back. According to the tell-all story – done to promote her new autobiography, Melissa Explains It Allshe was still feeling the effects on her shoot. Although we’re guessing that sexy grin was really just from knowing that she was creating one of the greatest Maxim covers of all time.