Meet Elettra Lamborghini, the Lambo Heiress With a Truly Wild Instagram Account

Her ragingly hot pics will rev your engine…


America no longer holds a monopoly on the “heiress-turned-reality star” industry. Italy has given its answer to Paris Hilton with Elettra Lamborghini, the 24-year-old granddaughter of legendary Italian sports car magnate Ferruccio Lamborghini.

Rather than entering the family business, Elettra (whose middle name, Miura, is a nod to Lambo’s gorgeous first supercar) first grabbed Italian headlines for her racy Instagram posts.

Then, she became a topic of national conversation when she appeared on MTV Italy’s Super Shore reality series (think the Jersey Shore, but starring actual Italians), where she introduced her name “The Italian Killer” on the basis of how many fights she got in. 

A nipple-baring red carpet appearance (see above), an Italian Maxim cover and over two million Instagram followers later, and Elettra is a surefire sensation in her own right.

See why she’s driving the Italian insane with her hottest Instagram shots below.