Get to Know Smoking Hot Golf Goddess Elise Lobb

She's obsessed with golf, and we're obsessed with her.
Elise Lobb Promo

You might be quick to associate the game of golf with pudgy, middle-aged men, but the insanely sexy Elise Lobb is here to change your mind. 

She's currently the co-host of Fox Sports' Swing Clinic, she's been golfing since the age of 3, and she's an absolute smokeshow. Lobb showcases her expertise on the green both on-air and via her Instagram page, which is loaded with clips of her hitting drives down the course with perfect form. 

If you thought it couldn't get any hotter than that, you're wrong—the stunning blonde bombshell also knows her way around an M4 carbine. Check out her swing from every angle in this fiery sampling from her Instagram feed: