Elizabeth Hurley Just Keeps Posting Sizzling Pics Of Her Killer Curves on Instagram

As hot as it gets.
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It comes up sometimes when writing about Elizabeth Hurley: The fact it's very hard to believe she's 52. Age is weird like that. Past 45 some quickly grow old and look ready for the nursing home, others just stay flawless. 

Hurley is pretty much the definition of the latter, and the pic above is exhibit A. She's in a "Lizzie Robe" from her line of beachwear, and it's impossible to ignore the fact that it looks like gravity, uh, has had no effect on her body at all.

Then there's this photo, posted not for how great she looks in a bikini (though she does), but for an impressive display of strength. Damn.

Take a look at the mix of old and new Instas—including a belated Valentine—from Elizabeth Hurley's personal and beachwear accounts. You won't regret it.