Elizabeth Hurley Just Shared Her Hottest Bikini Video Yet

Can't stop, won't stop.
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We're beginning to believe Elizabeth Hurley isn't like the rest of us. Seriously, she's over 50 and there is absolutely no sign of age whatsoever, especially when you get a look at her bikini body. That's supernatural.

And the actress knows she's got it going on, because she posts a ton of incredible bikini pics and sexy videos on her Instagram. 

It makes practical sense, too. Hurley is also an entrepreneur with a swimsuit line. Naturally she's her own best model. 

The video above is just the latest of many videos and pics she's posted on her personal account. This one's especially nice as her subtle dance moves as the music plays just add a little extra something. 

Check out a few more—both new and old—below.

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