Elizabeth Pipko Is a Knockout On the Ice — And Wearing Nothing at All

This figure skater turned model isn't your typical Instababe.

Elizabeth Pipko isn't your typical Instagram model. At the age of 20, this brunette beauty is already something of a triple-threat: an accomplished model who's appeared in publications like Sports Illustrated and FHM; a Harvard student who published a book of poetry at 17, with plans to publish two more; and a dedicated competitive skater who's training for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics.

As it turns out, her experience on the ice is partially to thank for her success as a model, and vice versa. "When I started modeling, I think it was everything I learned in skating about believing in myself and just being a competitor that helped me through a lot of things in modeling that no one knows models deal with,” she told HNHN in 2015. “And same with modeling — it helped me feel beautiful and learn my body and all these things that definitely help on the ice.”

See more stunning photos of Pipko on her Instagram account at @elizabethpipko

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