Elle Evans Has a License to Thrill

The southern girl who sexed up the “Blurred Lines” video channels Goldfinger’s dueling Bond babes.

“A Bond girl is untouchable, powerful, versatile. You can’t fuck with this person.” Elle Evans is schooling me on what makes a Bond girl and why the role is so coveted. “She can go from being a flight attendant to kicking your ass to sniping you off the top of a moving train.”

Any other day, you’d recognize Evans as the costar of a little music video called “Blurred Lines.” Today, that project she did with Alan Thicke’s son is all but forgotten as this model turned actress helps us pay homage to two of the best-known Bond girls to grace the silver screen: Pussy Galore, one of Bond’s founding femme fatales, and Jill Masterson, the woman in gold and the de facto mascot of the Bond franchise.

“The gold was rubbing off on everything. Even when I was getting painted, I was resting my hands on the wall and when I took my hands down, there were gold handprints. I stupidly tried to wipe it off and ended up just wiping it around.” The nuisance was a small price to pay for the chance to relive cinematic history. “Who on Earth would say no? To any opportunity involving James Bond, let alone re-creating the most iconic shots from the entire franchise!” Besides, showing the world that you can pull off “Bond girl” is a smart move for any up-and-coming actress.

Photographed by Art Streiber

Three years after Evans left her small-town Southern upbringing to move to Los Angeles, the world already knows her, ahem, face from “Blurred Lines.” Still, she’s confident that unlike the golden girl she’s honoring here, she will be remembered for more than a few minutes of sexy screen time. In the past year, Evans has appeared on Two and a Half Men and in two videos from Beyoncé’s landmark secret album, wrapped her first feature film, and—most notably—sent in an audition tape for a role in the next Bond film. 

When Evans isn’t training with her acting coach, taking meetings, or going on auditions, this hustler is visualizing her dream role, Bond or not. “It might not be the easiest, but I want my breakout role to be not the hot girl. Think of Rooney Mara in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I wanna be the crazy, deranged killer.”

Hollywood, are you listening?  

Left: Shirley Eaton’s golden corpse after being killed by the villainous henchman Oddjob. Right: Honor Blackman’s famous “roll in the hay” scene from Goldfinger.

Photos by Art Streiber