Smokeshow Surfer Sister Ellie-Jean Coffey Perfectly Recreates Pam Anderson's 'Baywatch' Beach Run

Nailed it.
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Ellie Jean Coffey Baywatch Promo

Just when we thought sisters Ellie-Jean and Holly-Daze Coffey couldn't get any hotter, Ellie-Jean gives us this. The professional surfers-turned-Instagram babes have been called the "Australian Kardashians" but this is another level altogether. 

In fact, we'll go ahead and upgrade Ellie-Jean's unofficial title to the "Australian Pamela Anderson," because she has totally nailed C.J. Parker's famously boobtastic slo-mo run from the original Baywatch. 

The smokeshow sisters have racked up a combined 250K Instagram followers in the past three months. That's hardly a surprise when you see the sultry pics they've been posting. Check out our favorites below. 



h/t: FHM 

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