Elsa Hosk Does the World’s Sexiest Kettlebell Workout for the ‘LOVE’ Advent Calendar

Hold onto your bells.


Swedish supermodel Elsa Hosk is here to make us all feel terrible about our holiday indulgences.

(Photo: YouTube)

Her video for Day 28 of the 2017 LOVE Advent Calendar is an expert demonstration of kettlebell workouts, with Elsa walking us through kettlebell swings, rows, squats and more in just a wee bit of lingerie.

(Photo: YouTube)

It’s certainly not appropriate gym attire, but the video is all a bit of fun. 

“The LOVE Advent Calendar is by far the most fun, sexy, silly calendar in the world!” a quote from Elsa reads at the end of the video. “Everyone always looks sooo fire!!!”

(Photo: YouTube)

Elsa is gloriously following their example. 

(Photo: YouTube)

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