Watch Instababe Elsie Hewitt Spill a Banana Split All Over Herself

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Elsie Hewitt Promo.png

The holiday editions of Chris Applebaum's "EATS" series are a wrap, but don't you worry—there are still plenty more of the sultry "food porn" clips coming your way in the next few months. 

In this latest sexy clip, Applebaum has cast rising Instagram model Elsie Hewitt to do a messy dance with a classic American treat, the banana split. The rag-time tune played over the top of the video will remind you of those 1920s ice cream parlors you've seen in old movies, if said ice cream parlors had models drizzling melted ice cream all over their chests inside. 

If you love Elsie as much as we do, check out her Instagram to see her latest and greatest steamy photos. Here's a sampling: 

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