A Sexy and Mysterious Handprint Appeared on a Cheeky Instagram Shot by Emily Ratajkowski

Who is responsible?
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A great mystery looms over the Instagram profile of stunning supermodel Emily Ratajkowski. After she shared a cheeky backside shot from a bikini beach vacation, eagle-eyed fans noticed a peculiarity on her pert derrière—a large sandy handprint.

Who is responsible for the hand print on the 25 year old's evenly tanned bottom? It could have been her own doing for all we know, but the sheer size of the imprint suggests it was the work of a man. Could Emily be on a tropical sojourn with an unknown lover, or if she getting friendly with the locals?

We may never know. What we do know is that the rest of her shots from her beach getaway were similarly sexy. There was plenty of midriff to be exposed, rump-shaking dance videos to be watched and nude shots to be liked. See for yourself:

Where in the world is EmRata?

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