Emily Ratajkowski Poses on Giant Pile of Pasta For Lip-Smacking Video Shoot

This puts the Olive Garden pasta bar to shame...
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Today, we thank our Instagram gods for inventing the "boomerang" video feature, because we can now watch this sexy video of Emily Ratajkowski on a loop for the rest of eternity.

In the tasty new video, EmRata licks her fingers while posing atop an enormous pile of nasty-looking spaghetti. And yeah, it's true that she could afford to scarf a few more carbs herself given how skinny she looks here. 

But hey, this is a body-shaming free zone so whatever works, right? I mean, it could have been the camera. Because EmRata is always looking on point, like in this recent pic here: 

The curious clip is all part of a shoot with LOVE magazine. Editor-in-chief Katie Eleanor Grand shared even more behind-the-scenes footage on her Instagram.

LOVE Magazine is killing it. Below, revisit some more of their wild and wonderful shoots.