Emily Ratajkowski Says Her ‘Powerful Boobs’ Are The Key to Her Sexuality

“I love my boobs. I love other people’s boobs. Boobs are kind of great.”


Emily Ratajkowski is one of the most beautiful women ever to walk among us, so it’s no surprise that the famed model/actress knows her breasts are simply spectacular.

EmRata has never shied away from speaking candidly about her boobs or her smoldering sexuality, but she really didn’t hold anything back in a new interview with Marie Claire

“Boobs are funny. They hurt sometimes, and sometimes they’re the thing that makes me feel the most powerful,” the 26-year-old I Feel Pretty actress said. “They’re a key to my sexuality.”  

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She added that she absolutely “loves” being so well-endowed—even if it occasionally makes her father uncomfortable. 

“I remember there was some article like ‘Emily Ratajkowski Is the Mozart of Breasts.’ What was so bad is someone sent it to my dad, who sent it to me. My dad still sees me as a little kid. 

“I love my boobs. I love other people’s boobs. Boobs are kind of great.” 

Some might say that her penchant for putting her body on display is another way women are objectified, but Ratajkowski argues that the freedom to do just that is “what feminism is all about.”

“We grow up in this patriarchal, misogynistic culture, and women fantasize about watching themselves through a male gaze. But if a woman decided that she likes herself in a gaze, and it makes her happy, should she feel the burden of where that comes from? I don’t know the answer.”

“That’s now what feminism is about. It’s freedom of choice. Do what you feel like!”  

We couldn’t agree more! Enjoy Emrata’s “breast” moments in the gallery above, and check out her most revealing Instagram photos below: 



h/t: The Daily Caller