Emily Ratajkowski Describes Her ‘Sexy Feminist’ Instagram in Revealing New Interview

“I find empowerment in celebrating and sharing my sexuality.”

Emily Ratajkowski Promo
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Emily Ratajkowski has long maintained that celebrating her sexuality in jaw-dropping Instagram posts is a form of female empowerment—just read this previous interview with Maxim. 

The 27-year-old supermodel and actress—who is fast-approaching 20 million followers—expanded on that idea in a new interview with Paper Magazine. And just as there’s more to Ratajkowski than her extraordinary beauty, her social media presence is about much more than posting racy content. 


“I think of my Instagram as a magazine,” she said. “It’s a sexy feminist magazine.” Fans of her tastefully curated feed will know what she means. 


As Paper Magazine notes, she’s faced her fair share of criticism from those who disprove of her decidedly sexual approach to feminism. Piers Morgan even called her a “global bimbo” last year in response to her pasta-soaked video for the LOVE Advent Calendar.

Still, Emrata’s beliefs haven’t wavered. 

“I think that the whole idea that because the body I was given might play into some patriarchal idea, I should be ashamed of it or be covering it up is ridiculous,” she said. 


“I find empowerment in celebrating and sharing my sexuality. I think my body is beautiful and a lot of different bodies are beautiful.”

That being said, Ratajkowski maintained that she doesn’t see posting on Instagram as a form of “activism.” 

“Activism is a really strange word. Is social media activism? I shy away from that word because I don’t really know what it means. I think of myself as a feminist, and the issues I am most passionate about are social issues,” she said. 

Take that, Piers Morgan! See the most stunning recent posts from Emrata’s “sexy feminist magazine” below: