Watch Emily Ratajkowski Give Perfect Responses to Snarky Fan Tweets

The girl can do no wrong.

Instababe Emily Ratajkowski recently stepped out from behind her usual social media platforms to read comments thirsty users left on Twitter. 

While the 25-year old kept her cool while responding to everything from date requests to comments about her body during the Vanity Fair video she did occasionally throw some casual—and appropriate—middle finger action into the mix. 

Following a tweet full of envy for her smoking hot bod, EmRata closed with the ridiculous contention that she’s far from perfect, saying she’d “kill to look like a lot of people combined, a little bit of Bridget Bardot, but then Gisele’s legs – a very Frankenstein-like creation.”

If anything, this video reaffirmed our love for Emily just the way she is.

h/t BroBible


Maxim Staff