Emily Ratajkowski Barely Fits Into Her Bikini In These Scorching Vacation Photos

EmRata can’t stop posting scantily-clad Instagram pics of her Greek getaway.

Emily Ratajkowski has been frolicking on a beach vacation in Santorini, Greece, and her Instagram is awash in blazing hot bikini shots.

Traipsing knee-deep through those inviting pellucid waters, the 25-year-old model and actress sported a Dolce & Gabbana two piece in prime EmRata fashion.


Her vacation wasn’t without a few hiccups. One shot, captioned “Hold up,” reveals Ratajkowski picking at an irksome wedgie, a common scourge for string-bikini lovers.


But it was all worth the fuss. Ratajkowski rocked the Mediterranean beach-babe look to the hilt, and she even shared some snaps of the famed Greek coastline.


Which pic is your favorite?