Emily Ratajkowski Defends Her Right to ‘Share Her Sexuality’

“This is just the body I was given!”

Emily Ratajkowski, loyal Bernie babe and fierce body-positivity activist, is really a woman of the people. In a recent interview with InStyle magazine, the “Blurred Lines” stunner explained just why she loves to “share her sexuality” with the masses.

Speaking about her racy social media accounts, EmRata said, “I used Twitter to reinforce an idea that I’ve believed in forever, which is that it’s up to me to choose when and how I want to share my sexuality.” 

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Pesky “body shamers” be warned: If Emily wants to hit Instagram with a cheeky bikini shot or a rock up to a red carpet in a provocative dress, that is her prerogative. Her sexuality isn’t something to be hidden for your comfort, a point she’s argued through countless sexy selfies.

But her criticisms don’t end there.

“The main criticism I get is ‘Aren’t you just conforming to a patriarchal standard of beauty?’ Well, this is just the body I was given. I didn’t do anything to it—it’s just my body. But even if I had altered it, that would be fine too.”

Her nonchalance regarding sex and her body explain her vast online appeal, with her myriad fiery shots doubling as body-positive affirmations. See some of her best work in the slideshow above.

h/t DailyMail