Check Out These Sensual Snapshots from Photographer Justin Prinz

Hot damn.
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Using special effects and edits to bring an abstract and impressionistic dimension to the sensual photographs he shoots, French photographer Justin Prinz takes erotic photography to the next new level.

Working with shadows, motion, and blurring techniques, Prinz's work features a dreamy softness and seductiveness that comes from not being able to see every little detail on the models. 

In the exclusive gallery above, check out some of Prinz's sensual and erotic NSFW work...and just to reiterate, some images are pretty NSFW.

Speaking with Maxim, Prinz explained that the main object of his work "is to capture the moment. I always communicate with the model before the shoot to install trust and then I let them be themselves."

"I get inspired by life and love," he added. "I'm a very nostalgic person, and I have a particular interest for the beauty of the past." Considering he lives in Paris, this is only fitting.

And while every photographer has their own secret to taking a great picture, Prinz says his secret is that he doesn't have one. 

"There's no secret. It's honestly just a question of feeling and inspiration."