Check Out These Stunning Images from Erotic Photographer Sophia Sinclair

"My experimental shots require girls to pose in unusual positions."
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With a softcore vintage aesthetic and lots of cheeky poses, California-based photographer Sophia Sinclair takes some seriously seductive photos -- all without being explicitly nude. 

Having shot for publications like Playboy, Nakid Magazine, and Another Filthy Magazine, Sinclair is no stranger to sexy spreads -- and most of the pictures simply tease with implied nudity, which actually makes them that much hotter.

You know, since it's always sexier when you're so close to seeing the goods, and yet so far. 

Check out some of Sinclair's sizzling shots in the gallery above, and you'll see what we mean.

Speaking with Maxim, Sinclair explained that her work focuses on the female form, and that her point "is to not only take photographs, but to bring stories to life. 

"I work with my muses to craft an authentic and vivid story through photos and videos...I do my best to bring out their versions of sexy and playful. This style of storytelling is fun, challenging, and invigorating -- I love what I do."

When asked what inspires her work, she says: "Everything. I usually lock in one inspiring feature and bring it to life by building an entire shoot around it.

"Often I enjoy depicting my models in natural, everyday environments, but on occasion, I take risks and conjure something out of left field...It’s what keeps my work exciting."

Sinclair's secret to a great photo? Inspiration, experimenting, and chemistry. 

"I think it’s important to make sure you are inspired. If the shoot doesn’t feel right, the images fall flat," she explains. 

"My experimental shots require girls to pose in unusual positions which can be trying at the time, however it often results in some of my favorite work.

"Nothing compares to working with someone you have existing chemistry with. When you can jump right back into the flow of things, that existing rapport kicks off the energy level and sets you up for success.

"You’ll notice there are reoccurring women in my work; you’ll find Natamals literally everywhere."