Celebrate Eva Longoria’s Birthday With Her Sexiest Throwback Maxim Pics

Wish your favorite desperate housewife a very happy 44th bday.


Gather ’round conniving housewives and lecherous pool boys for today is a most special occasion: Eva Longoria, the fiery star of the long-running soap Desperate Housewives, is celebrating her 44th birthday.

The Texas native memorably brought the heat to Wisteria Lane as the sassy model-turned-homemaker Gabrielle Solis. But her soap-star status predates Desperate Housewives: her first big gig was on CBS’s The Young and The Restless where she played the similarly manipulative and sinister Isabella Braña.

Rather than stabbing backs and sabotaging her enemies, Longoria now focuses her efforts on directing, producing and philanthropy, particularly in the Latino community. If anyone can take a platform as a fiery TV sexpot and use it to do some good in the world, it’d be Eva.

She even recently got married and is expecting a child, and we’re not bitter at all. (Can’t you tell?)

So above, celebrate the 44th birthday of the well-rounded bombshell with some of her hottest retro Maxim shots. And please, have a look at some bonus video.

Keep the party going with her hottest Instagram shots, below.