Eva Longoria Is Maxim’s 2014 Woman of the Year!

And January/February cover model.

The Polar Vortex may be sending chills through the air, but we’re nice and warm thanks to the stunning Eva Longoria, who’s heating things up on the cover of our latest issue. And while it may only be the first week of January, we’ve taken the liberty of naming Eva Maxim‘s 2014 Woman of the Year—and it’s easy to see why.

For one thing, this. But also, this. And let’s not forget about this. Oh, and then there was the time she won our 2005 Hot 100 contest. And then won it again the very next year.

It’s also not the first time Eva has graced our cover—and it won’t be the last, God willing—but it took more than just good looks to land her the title of Woman of the Year. In addition to an acting career so impressive it renders working at Maxim the equivalent of stepping in dog shit, Eva is a dedicated political activist and volunteer, philanthropist, producer, and business woman, who recently earned a master’s degree in Chicano studies. And, in case we forgot to mention it, she also happens to be smoking hot.

So, congrats, Eva, for knocking it out of the park on your third Maxim cover. We’re ready for Round Four whenever you are.

Photos by Randall Slavin | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2014