Everyone’s Talking About Katy Perry’s New Album, “Prism” – Let’s Revisit Her Maxim Shoot

These pictures are going to make you ROAR.

Katy Perry’s new album, Prism, is out October 22, and already has a number one single, “Roar,” which comes with a video that’s had over 37 million views on YouTube in just four days. Even shorter version of that sentence: People be losing their minds over Katy Perry’s new stuff.

Perry revealed 12 new songs from Prism at an industry show in New York late last week, which just made us think of the time she revealed a whole lot more than that on the cover of Maxim‘s January 2011 issue. If you enjoy a stroll down memory lane – which, may we remind you, is in this case decorated with large, sexy photos of Katy Perry – then by all means, check out Katy Perry’s Maxim cover shoot.

Photos by Yu Tsai | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013