Watch These Instagram Bombshells Play the Hottest Game of Twister You've Ever Seen

Don't get it twisted.
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Brace yourself, because you're about to witness the sexiest game of Twister in human history.

The clip is a collaborative effort from James Thompson—the same erotically-inclined genius who filmed Sara Underwood blowing up an inner tube—and L.A.-based photographer Michael Tang, created for Sixty6 magazine.

Fantasy Twister Promo

Rising models Lara Ruiz and Mikayla Jane Bayliss get up close and personal as they contort to the tune of the Twister wheel. We're not sure who won, but that's hardly the point. Here are some of our favorite moments: 

Screenshot (4001)
Screenshot (4003)
Screenshot (3998)
Screenshot (4004)

Can't get enough of these two bombshells? Check out some sexy selections from their Instagram feeds below: