Meet the Gorgeous Flag Football Player Who’s Taking The Internet By Storm

Is Fernanda Marquez the greatest flag football player ever? You decide.

Fernanda Marquez

Fernanda Marquez is the latest stunning athlete to put up major points in the social media game. 

The Mexican beauty plays flag football for something called the Guadalajara Wild Whites, and video of one of her greatest plays just went viral. Not only is she beautiful, but she can totally crush it on the flag football field, too.

According to Flag Football World, her team regularly competes in the local AFFO and CUFAO leagues and are three-time champs in the Texcoco Nationals—the largest flag football tournament in Mexico. 

Thanks to her newfound Instagram fame, Fernanda has well over 320,000 followers. Check out her sexiest photos in the gallery above, and watch the hottie run routes, catch passes and take it to end zone in the videos below:

h/t: Total Pro Sports