Fernanda Romero

The Eye star gets her pants scared off on-and off screen.

In this month’s freaky new flick, The Eye, the adjacent Latin lovely gives her all. Specifically, her eyes. Fernanda plays a transplant donor who gives corneas —and the power to see into a supernatural world—to Jessica Alba. Wasn’t that nice of her? Herewith, more fun Fernanda facts:

Fall From Grace
When I was 16, I was in this singing group called Fryzzby. Before one show —I have no idea why—they wet the floor. So I was dancing, and I completely slipped. I tried to fake like I was doing a Michael Jackson move, but of course, everyone made fun of me.

Video (Almost) Killed the Radio Star
I was in the Velvet Revolver video “She Builds Quick Machines,” dressed as an angel, tied up and hanging in a barn. The band came to rescue me but forgot to undo my hands. They almost pulled my arms off. I was like, “Dude! I’m going to die in this video!”

Attention, D-Bags
My nightmare date is the total player who wants to buy you. I’m dorky—I like to listen to music and scream in my car. People might think I’m crazy. But, hey, be who you are.

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