Grab a Rod and Tackle These Pics Of Florida's Smokeshow Fishing Girls of Instagram

Get in the boat.

Florida is probably one of the most colorful states in the US, sure—and not always in a good way. But it's a tropical place with incredible beaches, waterways, fishing, and hot women in bikinis fishing alongside the guys, and those positives really should outweigh the more eccentric side of the state's reputation. covered some of the woman anglers from that part of the state who have achieved solid social media fame on Instagram. It's easy to see why they have impressive follower numbers, too. While they all can really rock a swimsuit, they also know what they're doing and have some impressive catches under their belts.

Below we've highlighted just three of the 7 ambassadors of fine Florida fishing featured by Check out the article to see them all.

Sarah Melia

In her interview for the article Sarah says she just finds getting out on the water a "stress release." She promotes brands like Pelagic Gear to her 40-plus thousand followers and wants it clear to anyone who checks her out that she's "very competitive about fishing, and I don’t want people to think I wanna show off." For her, it's definitely "for the sport." 

Jenny Schmitt

In her Instagram shots Jenny has a great "girl next door" vibe, but don't be fooled—her haul at the end of a long day on the boat with a rod and a line will make yours look pitiful. "I was basically born on a boat," she told Jenny participates regularly in tournaments, reeling in mahi, sailfish, and tuna. Don't try to white knight her if she's fighting a big one, either. "I’m going to be the one from beginning to end doing my thing."

Vicky Stark

Vicky, a Miami resident, likes fishing in shallows, she tells "You have to be quiet," she says, "You have to push the boat really slowly so the fish don’t hear you." Vicky says she's had rude commenters on her Insta accuse of her not knowing what she's doing, but "I know how to bait my own hook. I know how to cast...My followers see that I know what I’m doing."

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