Former Maxim Cover Girl Olivia Wilde Is Pregnant

So let’s revisit her cover shoot, shall we?

Luckiest man on Earth Jason Sudeikis is about to get a little bit luckier… News broke this week that the SNL alum’s fiancee Olivia Wilde is what your mom would describe as “with child.” That’s right: There’s a bun in that beautiful, beautiful oven. This seems like as good a reason as any to revisit our 2009 cover shoot with the babymaker herself, Olivia Wilde.

The star of Cowboys & Aliens, Tron: Legacy, and your sick dreams was Maxim’s Hot 100 winner that year, and she marked the occasion by donning her finest Sunday whites on the cover of our July issue. You probably remember that issue, because THIS. And also this. And let’s not forget about this. (See all the pics here.)

So, congratulations, to Jason and Liv – it’s ok if we call you that, right? We’re friends! Right? RIGHT? Please call us back… – on making what will either be the world’s most hilarious or beautiful baby. And we only say “or” because life can’t possibly be so unfair to us that it’d be both.