Watch Gal Gadot Get into 'Wonder Woman' Shape in This Totally Intense Workout Video

No wonder she kicks so much butt.
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If you ever wondered what kind of hell Gal Gadot put her glorious bod through to get ready to play the warrior princess in Wonder Woman, the above video can offer a little insight.

Gal Gadot Workout

The Israeli actress and model put herself through a truly punishing workout that included shoulder presses, pull-ups, and movement training to achieve the beautifully-toned physique that had audiences swooning. 

It's not quite as crazy as the muscle-building weight regimen The Rock used to hit a massive 260 pounds for The Fate of the Furious, but Gadot was playing a female superhero, not a roided-out gearhead. 

Of course, she's always been in stunning shape, and we've got the Instagram photos to prove it. Check them out below: 

h/t: Hype Beast