Watch Gal Gadot Get into 'Wonder Woman' Shape in This Totally Intense Workout Video

No wonder she kicks so much butt.

If you ever wondered what kind of hell Gal Gadot put her glorious bod through to get ready to play the warrior princess in Wonder Woman, the above video can offer a little insight.

The Israeli actress and model put herself through a truly punishing workout that included shoulder presses, pull-ups, and movement training to achieve the beautifully-toned physique that had audiences swooning. 

It's not quite as crazy as the muscle-building weight regimen The Rock used to hit a massive 260 pounds for The Fate of the Furious, but Gadot was playing a female superhero, not a roided-out gearhead. 

Of course, she's always been in stunning shape, and we've got the Instagram photos to prove it. Check them out below: 

h/t: Hype Beast