Tennis Babe Genie Bouchard Makes Good On Bet, Takes Random Patriots Fan On Date

Dude has bragging rights forever.
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Canadian tennis star and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue stunner (see her behind-scenes video below) Genie Bouchard made good on her lost Super Bowl LI bet, and John Goehrke, a young Mizzou student, had the date of his dreams.

A little background in case you've missed the saga so far. On the night of the miracle comeback Patriots win, when it looked as if the Falcons were crushing them, Bouchard prematurely tweeted the following:

Goehrke tried something a ton of young dudes try every day with attractive female celebs on social media. He jumped in Bouchard's mentions with a request for a date if the Pats won. 

Genie, being the polite upstanding Canuck she is, agreed, the Pats won, and the rest was history. So after spending a tough day getting her Sports Illustrated pics out into the world, Bouchard and Goehrke got together and headed out to watch the New Jersey Nets lose at Barclays Center to the Milwaukee Bucks, 129-125. 

Give it up for this dude. Sure, it ended up being kind of a fun publicity stunt to highlight Bouchard's debut in SI, but we can't think of a red-blooded 20-year-old college guy who wouldn't ride the high of having this photo out there straight through to graduation day. 

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