Germany’s Hottest Cop Just Moved to the US and She Can Arrest Us Any Time

Achtung, baby!

Adrienne Koleszár/Instagram

Adrienne Koleszár was a Dresden police commissioner with a pleasant (to say the least) Instagram account when someone discovered her and dubbed the law enforcement officer “Germany’s hottest policewoman.” 

She managed to keep her job for a while after that, her department apparently fine with her internet presence. She’s been a little cagey about it, but it may be that they’ve finally grown a little less okay with it. So Koleszár decided to stock up on swimsuits and athletic gear and go to the US for six months to see what’s up.

Looks like there won’t be any harm in her staying in the States; with more than a half-million followers on Instagram, Koleszár might just earn enough from ad money to say auf wiedersehen to Dresden.

If so, a lot of Germans might be sad to lose one of their hottest police officers. After looking at her Instas below, looks like America is the winner here. 

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