‘Sexiest World Cup Fans’ Pics Deleted By Photo Agency After Internet Outrage

Don’t worry, you can still see the controversial cuties here…

Getty Images, the popular stock photography database, recently appealed to red-blooded soccer fans with a photo gallery on its homepage called “World Cup 2018: The Sexiest Fans.”

Basically, the image site rounded up a bunch of international beauties cheering on their favorite teams, patriotically brandishing flags and generally looking totally hot (see some of them in the gallery above).

It did not go over so well. The slideshow was quickly deemed sexist and inspired a not-unexpected round of Internet outrage


One blogger at Jezebel wrote, “This is 2018, and dumb-dumb oversights like these are going to inspire outrage. What did ya think would happen, Getty? Come on, man. Have you even been online?”

Getty promptly took down the offending gallery and replaced it with an editor’s note apologizing for the photos. 

Earlier, we published a piece, “World Cup 2018: The Sexiest Fans,” that did not meet our editorial standards. We regret the error and have removed the piece. There are many interesting stories to tell about the World Cup and we acknowledge this was not one of them.

Hmmmm…What do you think?

h/t Barstool Sports