Gigi Hadid Shows Off Her Boxing Skills for New Reebok Campaign

Here's one supermodel we wouldn't want to mess with.
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(Photo: Reebok)

(Photo: Reebok)

If there was one takeaway from Gigi Hadid's recent Milan skirmish, aside from that it's never okay to manhandle a woman as a "prank," it's that the supermodel is one tough cookie. She got that creep to let go of her with just one or two swift thwacks to the head.

Now, a sneak peak from her new campaign with Reebok reveals where Gigi picked up her fighting prowess, in the boxing ring of course (see the video below).

It's all for Reebok's body-positive #PerfectNever initiative, which promotes "women around the world to celebrate the beauty of imperfection."

Though we gotta say: Gigi's uppercut is pretty damn flawless.