Your Dreams Have Come True: Gigi Hadid Is Single Again

We’re not sure if she’s happy or not but we sure are.

Though they aren’t always to be believed, reports indicate that Gigi Hadid (you know, that beautiful model who just so happens to be walking for Victoria’s Secret this year) is single again after reportedly splitting from Joe Jonas.

The model with the perfect body (yeah, fuck those haters) had been dating Jonas for five months, even shooting a music video for the dude. According to reports, they’re planning on ‘remaining friends.’ Sure, we shouldn’t necessarily be happy about the split since Hadid is probably a bit sad over the end of a relationship, but even the slimmest possibility of an shot at this beauty makes us giddy.

Sure, it’s a little gossipy and partially tabloid territory, but this has oddly made our days a little brighter.

Photos by Raymond Hall / GC Images