Gisele Bundchen Will Be ‘Robbed’ During the 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony

But don’t worry, it’s just for show!

In what might be Rio’s worst kept secret, supermodel Gisele Bundchen will become the victim of theft during the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympics. Why, do you ask? Showcasing the triumph of good over evil, of course. 

While the ceremony’s director, Fernando Meirells, plans on displaying everything glorious Brazil has to offer, he also plans on putting a painfully bright spotlight on all that’s wrong with the country. Unfortunately, that includes holding up Mrs. Tom Brady at faux gunpoint.

According to guests present during a rehearsal at Maracana Stadium, Gisele will strut her stuff down a runway, as per usual, before being held up by an actor, who is chased around the stadium. The supposed message: Good can prevail. 

Hopefully, this staged mugging won’t occur during any real muggings throughout the 78,000-plus capacity venue.

h/t Deadspin