Watch Hailey Baldwin Seduce the Camera In A Hotel Room For Love Magazine

Do not disturb.

Not to complain, but the previous video from the LOVE advent calendar, which featured supermodel Joan Smalls doing nothing sexy at all, was a real bore. But just as we were about to tune out, LOVE hit us with its sexiest and naughtiest entry we’ve seen yet—of model/slash/former Justin Bieber squeeze Hailey Baldwin doing unspeakable things in a hotel room (see above).

Hailey backs it up, romps on a bed and dances seductively in black lingerie. Shot on a hand-held camera by Dan Jackson, the sultry short film looks like a sexy cross between a rap video and an O.G. celebrity tape—like the kind Paris, Kim and Pam made. 

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Netizens rejoiced. Comments on YouTube ranged from “holy shit hot hot hot” to “yess girl.”

It’s Day 21 on the LOVE December advent calendar, which will debut similarly sexy videos in the days leading to Christmas. Emily Ratajkowski, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner have all gone. Who will be next?