Eminem's Daughter Hailie is Now a Stunning College Student at Michigan State

His little girl is all grown up.
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Hailie Mathers

Anyone who's familiar with Eminem's expansive library of rhymes remembers the rap-lullaby hit "Mockingbird" Marshall penned for his daughter Hailie Jade Mathers, and might even recall her guest appearance as a giggling little girl on his twisted "fuck you" to the music industry, "Think My Dad's Gone Crazy."

Now, the self-proclaimed rap god's little girl has grown into a stunning 21-year-old college cutie at Michigan State University.

According to COED, she graduated with honors from her hometown high school and is likely killing it with regards to her grades. But this head shot proves she could easily be a model if she decides a life in academia isn't for her. 

The rest of her Instagram page is loaded with eye-popping selfies and sexy snaps. Check out this sampling from her feed below: