Halle Berry Posted a Nude Photo to Instagram, and Our Jaws Are on the Floor

How is she 50?
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(Photo: Getty Images)

(Photo: Getty Images)

That last time Halle Berry stripped down on Instagram, we declared the laws of time and gravity null and void.

Once more, the Monster's Ball, X-Men and Die Another Day star has hit Instagram with a sexy shot. This time, the 50 (!!) year old is entirely topless, and her body is pressed up against a glass window.

We haven't got a clue how she found herself in this squeeze, but we are glad she recorded it for posterity's sake.

Better yet, the wise beauty captioned her provocative post with a Nina Simone quote: "I'll tell you what freedom is to me. No fear."

If freedom looks like Halle Berry squishing her breasts against a glass window, then call us freedom fighters any day.

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